Acme Cash Back Receipt Program

Contributing to Hudson Library & Historical Society is as easy as a trip to the grocery store. A donation box has been placed in the library’s Circulation Desk and its Brewster Café to collect receipts from Acme Fresh Market. The grocery store will rebate to the library five percent of the purchase price of store brands bought between August 10, 2017, and December 30, as part of its Community Cash Back program.


Acme store brands include Academix, Domestix, Electrix, Food Club, Full Circle, Paws, TopCare, ValuTime and World Classics. Qualifying purchases are tallied and displayed at the bottom of cash register receipts.


“Acme has contributed to thousands of nonprofit groups through the Cash Back program and we thought, why not us?” says Circulation Manager Marcy Shipley. “Every dollar helps in these tough economic times, and it’s so easy just to save your receipts and bring them in when you visit the library.”


Call 330.653.6658 for more information.