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From the Science News media group, an online publication providing age-appropriate, topical science news for young learners, parents, and educators. Explore astronomy, engineering, mathematics, technology, and more with activities, experiments, videos, and articles for students and educators.From University of Colorado Boulder, a treasure trove of interactive simulations allowing students to experiment with physics, chemistry, math, and Earth sciences.

Space Science Investigations Plant Growth

Playground Physics


From NASA, a simulation game that places players on the International Space Station to "experience" zero gravity and learn about the life of plants on and off Earth. From New York Hall of Science, this app allows users to see the laws of physics at play in their everyday activities. From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, an interactive geographic timeline allowing users to explore Earth's changes throughout time.
Database of scientific resources through Ohio Web Library and EBSCOhost.


These websites are recommended by our Children’s Librarians and provide additional content information and some fun, interactive activities to share with your family. The librarians regularly review these links for quality. Web addresses often change so please notify us if any links have issues.

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