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Repository of math courses, test prep, and helpful resources available for free, with even more access for a fee. From Wolfram Research, an extensive resource for math definitions, explanations, and practice problems. From Utah State University, a collection of digital manipulatives to help students visualize math problems.
From the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, a collection of games, lessons, and other interactives to make math learning more fun. Vast collection of mathematics worksheets designed for distance learners to practice Common Core Math Standards at home. Resource for free math worksheets and, for a fee, software to build worksheets of your own.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Mekorama Puzzle Game

2048 Puzzle Game

Graphing calculator application allows users to perform complex calculations without purchasing expensive technology. Pay-what-you-like game offers puzzles, mazes, and other effective logic challenges through fun animation. Deceptively simple strategy game develops spatial reasoning and numbers sense.


These websites are recommended by our Children’s Librarians and provide additional content information and some fun, interactive activities to share with your family. The librarians regularly review these links for quality. Web addresses often change so please notify us if any links have issues.

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