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The Hudson Library & Historical Society will virtually hold its eighth annual “Pitch Night” competition on Tuesday, November 17 at 6:30 p.m. Seven finalists will be selected from the pool of online applications to pitch their business ideas to a panel of expert judges on Zoom. The winner of the 2020 Pitch competition will receive a $5,000 cash prize, and two runners-up will each receive a $2,500 cash prize. Everyone is welcome to join as a member of the audience, register here to attend.


This event is one of many planned for the City of Hudson’s celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), returning for the seventh consecutive year, November 16-22. “Pitch Night” and GEW 2020 are generously supported by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation. More information can be found at

2020 Hudson Library & Historical Society Pitch Prize Winners


  • $5,000 Grand Prize: Ashley (Peach) Brown, Sledge Scarves

  • $2,500 Runner Up: Trent Balduff, Have a Hive

  • $2,500 Runner Up: Chelsea Monty-Bromer, Roosense


2020 Hudson Library & Historical Society Pitch Finalists

In Their Own Words

Core Builder Pro
Jim Porterfield PT, MA, AT (ret)

“I am a retired Physical Therapist / Athletic Trainer / Business Owner – Thirty years ago, 20% of
our work was women’s health working with OBGYN physicians and abdominal surgeons. To
best strengthen the core, we created the Core Builder Pro – a handheld spring-loaded device
and method that sequentially and simultaneously contracts all muscles of the core. It can be
performed standing, seated, and or supine lying. It is easy to use and convenient for use at
home or anywhere, and it is proven effective by extensive use in our clinic and by University
Research that validates our claims (see website) – On June 30, 2020, we were awarded a US
Patent #: 10,695,604”


The Food Stretcher Plus
David Davis

“The Food Stretcher Plus program is an electronic coupon program targeting the low income and
government assistance shopper who represents over 60 billion food shopping dollars nationally
and over 3 billion in Ohio. This shopper historically do not receive coupons from the traditional
distribution methods.
A United States patent accompanies this program which assists in putting more fresh fruits and
vegetables on the table of this demographic without exhausting their food shopping budget.
We use the following technologies: Smart phone, POS integration, digital fence.”


Have a Hive, Inc.
Trent Balduff

“Have A Hive® is a non-profit program where individuals and organizations can sponsor
beehives, beekeepers, and urban green spaces that are known as Hive Parks™. What separates
our program from other bee centered programs is that we have developed a mobile application
that allows the sponsors to virtually interact with their beehives; the beekeepers on the back end
upload notes and photos of the sponsored hives. Have A Hive® also has a heavy emphasis on
veteran services and community development through Hive Parks™.”


ProVee Technologies LLC
Karl-Heinz Schofalvi

“Impact absorbing foam for padding in all sports protection equipment including; helmets,
shoulder and arm pads, seat cushions, etc. The technology can also be adapted to create better
impact absorbing artificial turf. Future applications include medical and automotive where
impact absorption is a need.”


Chelsea Monty-Bromer

“RooSense worked with world experts in sweat physiology and material development to design
an integrated fabric sensor to teach athletes about their sweat. These “smarter” e-textile
materials can selectively determine physiological information from sweat forming on the surface
of the skin. Unlike our competitors, the textile can be integrated into clothing/gear that athletes
are already wearing. The lightweight material feels similar to a cloth fabric, a benefit of comfort
and convenience to the user. This is in contrast to current hydration monitors made of thick
plastic materials requiring the user to wear an additional wristband or adhesive patch.”


Sledge Scarves
Ashley (Peach) Brown

“Sledge Scarves is a satin head scarf worn at night to protect your hair while you sleep that does
not slip or fall off. People who wear a scarf, bonnet, or hat to bed to protect their hair from
damage while sleeping often times have the problem of their scarf, bonnet, or hat falling off
leaving their hair unprotected. Sledge Scarves solves this problem by withstanding the pulling
force of up to 15lbs while worn on the head.”


Craig Waters

“TRAZER is a rapidly scaling medical tech company that innovates proprietary technology to
objectively quantify human health and performance. TRAZER has validated its technology with
world leaders in the physical therapy, senior health, and athletic space, including the University
of Alabama, Clemson, Crystal Clinic, Select Medical and Holiday Senior Living, and is
expanding into other significant markets such as fitness and workers compensation. TRAZER’s
ability to assess, enhance performance and rehabilitate post injury or disease through its newly
launched telehealth program creates a connected platform that is unparalleled. Ultimately,
TRAZER’s standardized, validated and objective data drives decision-making and improved
clinical outcomes.”


2020 Pitch Judges


  • Jim Griggy, business advisor for the Small Business Development Center at the Summit Medina Business Alliance
  • Kimberly Irvin-Lee, Senior Director of the Entrepreneurship Empowerment Center and Regional Director of the Minority Business Assistance Center (MBAC) at the Akron Urban League
  • Rick Schultz, Author, Inventor, Lecturer, Retired Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corporation



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