Learn to Play an Instrument

Discover the joy of playing your favorite songs and creating your own music using free resources available anywhere! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, there are many high-quality free resources for you to learn not only how to play a musical instrument but learn the fundamental music theory that is the building blocks behind our favorite songs. So, dust off your instrument, open your computer and discover the joy of playing music.


Learn to Play the Guitar



Great Courses – Learn with Experts


Learning to Play Guitar: Chords, Scales, and Solos
These 24 engaging lessons offer a fun and customizable learning system, refined by Dr. McAllister over decades, which will teach you to play the guitar in a surprisingly short time.






Other Free Resources

  • Fender is offering three free months of their premium online music lessons. With lessons designed for players of all difficulties, you can watch professional guitar players teach and demonstrate how you can play your guitar while you track your progress and learn to play songs you love.Fender also always offers a collection of 12 essential introductory guitar playing lessons. In these lessons, you will learn how to play major guitar chords, guitar scales and put your knowledge together to play classic guitar songs.
  • Justin Guitar offers free beginner, intermediate and advanced video lessons. Users can monitor their progress as they move through the lesson modules and even save videos in a playlist for future reference. Justin Guitar also has an extensive YouTube library collection of video lessons that provide clear, easy to understand instruction. (Also has courses on playing the ukulele).
  • Andy Guitar offers over 1,000 free guitar lessons and song tutorials that are organized for various levels of player difficulty. Lessons are also available on the Andy Guitar App, available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Top lessons include the 10 Day Quick Start Course and Beginner Course. (Also has courses on playing the ukulele).
  • Guitar Lesson World offers free online guitar lessons including guitar chords, rock, blues, jazz, harmonics and much more. In addition to lessons, Guitar Lesson World offers exercises for students to practice and improve their skills based on your playing level.


Free Guitar Tabs

  • Guitar Nick is a collection of thousands of music tabs and over 900 music tutorials for players of all difficulties. Tabs are divided into collections based on genre, playing difficulty or artist. Players can also enhance their playing experience with backing tracks provided for free.
  • Music for Music Teachers offers free sheet music for piano, voice and guitar. Music is divided by instrument, difficulty and genre, so you can browse and find something that fits your interest and playing level.
  • Ultimate Guitar is one of the largest online collections of guitar tabs available for free with thousands of tabs available in numerous genres of music. Features include a searchable database of tabs, strumming information, downloadable PDFs and auto scroll (so you can play, sing and view your tabs at the same time).


Learn to Play the Ukulele




  • Cynthia Lin Music offers free ukulele lessons and covers of popular songs for you to learn! Many lessons come with free chord sheets and study guides allowing you to continue learning well after the video.
  • The Ukulele Teacher is one of the most popular ukulele teachers on YouTube with over 1.36 million subscribers. Jump in and learn the basics (holding and playing a ukulele) to performing covers of your favorite songs. Songs and lessons are divided into playlists for beginner, intermediate and difficult/advanced playing abilities.
  • Ukulele Tabs provides over 100 free lessons for anyone interested in playing the Ukulele. Lessons focus on specific playing skills such as fingering, strumming, tuning and much more. Lessons are available for beginners through professional players. Players can also search and save tabs to classic and popular ukulele songs.
  • UkuTabs is a large repository of free music tabs for ukulele players of all difficulties along with tips and guides to help you play and care for your instrument. Users may submit videos of them performing covers of their favorite songs, which can help you learn how to play songs by learning from others as provide you the chance to highlight your own great performances.






  • Piano Keyboard Guide offers print and video lessons designed for beginner players. Lessons progress in bite-size chunks of information, allowing players to understand the layout of the keys, position their hands, learn scales and chords. Music theory and how to read sheet music is also included in these lessons. Videos are available on their website and YouTube channel.
  • ZebraKeys provides over 50 free piano lessons for various levels of difficulty. Lessons include text and flash animations, allowing plays to view, hear and practice various techniques and skills. Zebra Keys also provides sections to teach players how to play chords, piano improvisation and piano technique.
  • Piano Nanny provides over 30 free lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced piano players. Lessons take approximately 35 minutes to complete and build in difficulty. Players will have the ability to test their skills using interactive quizzes and exercises.
  • Piano Lessons on the Web has hundreds of free YouTube videos that provides lessons, tips and exercises for beginner and intermediate students to practice and refine their playing skills. Lessons are available on demand, along with free livestream classes, where students can have their questions answered. During Stay at Home orders, free beginner and intermediate classes are streamed every day for free at 1 p.m. on YouTube. Premium classes are also available for purchase on their website.


Free Piano/Keyboard Sheet Music

Sheet music is vital to anyone looking to not only play their instrument, but to work on their music theory and sight-reading abilities. Free sheet music is available for players of all playing difficulties. Here are some of the most popular websites offering sheet music for piano/keyboard players.


Other Instruments

Do you have another instrument you wish to learn how to play? Free online lessons are available for many instruments, including traditional orchestra instruments. Here is a collection of resources for what is available online.

  • Bass Guitar: Studybass.com offers interactive learning modules for players to pick up and play the bass guitar. Students will learn not only the fundamentals for playing bass guitar, but discover the theory behind constructing basslines and solos, allowing you to create your own.
  • Drums: Learn drumming patterns, timing, coordination skills and much more through interactive exercises at virtualdrumming.com
  • Violin: Pro-Am Strings on YouTube offers hundreds of free violin lessons for various playing levels.
  • Cello: Discover how to play the cello, refine your skills, and read cello sheet music at cello online.com.
  • Clarinet: Clarinet Mentors offers interactive videos for players to learn how to put together, hold, play and read sheet music.


Music Theory

Any student interested in learning to play an instrument must learn the underlying theory behind music in addition to learning how to play. Learn the science behind music with these interactive courses, even if you don’t play an instrument!


General Music Education

If you are a melophile (person who likes music) and would like to enjoy learning more about the history and world of music, here are some great places to get started. No instrument required!

  • Exploring Beethoven’s Sonatas: This free college course explores the complexities, history and acclaim of Beethoven’s sonatas. Classical music appreciators are sure to find this course rewarding. This course is taught by Jonathan Biss of Curtis School of Music.
  • Open Learn Music History Courses: Discover the history of your favorite genres, artists or music in general from these free resources provided by academic experts and professors from across the world. Discover what moon music sounds like, and examination of David Bowie and identity, or dive deep into the history and sound of the blues.
  • The Ongoing History of New Music Podcast: Discover the music of today that will be remembered tomorrow. With an emphasis on rock and indie-rock, listeners will explore the history behind some of our most influential artists along with deep dives into the sub-genres of rock including new wave, ska, emo, garage rock and more.