Digital Family History Center

The Digital Family History Center, located on the second floor of the library, is equipped with the latest technology for digitizing your family’s history.

The center features an array of technology to assist you in creating digital copies of your cherished family memories. Equipment available for use includes:

  • VHS to DVD converter
  • Slide and negative scanner
  • Flatbed scanner
  • Slide station featuring a loupe and light table
  • Cassette converter
  • Vinyl Record converter
  • 3.5″ Floppy Disk Portable Drive
  • 8 mm reels/Super 8 reels (no 8mm tapes)


The Family History Center is available by appointment only. Help sessions with staff to learn how to use the equipment are also available. The equipment is free to use, but patrons will need to have a storage device to save files. Patrons may bring their own storage device, use their own cloud service, or purchase a USB drive or blank DVD in the library. To make an appointment, sign up for a help session, or get more information call (330) 653-6658 x1010.