In 1921, Caroline Baldwin Babcock passed away and left $100,000 to the Hudson Library & Historical Society to be used for free lectures to be known as the "Baldwin-Babcock Memorial Lecture Series. Over 90 years later, this lecture series continues to this day.

Since this original gift, the Hudson Library & Historical Society has been fortunate to receive many donations that have allowed us to maintain the depth and variety of materials as well as develop new services and new methods of distributing materials. The library continues to provide the high quality of service that the citizens of Hudson have come to expect.

There are many ways to donate to the library and help us continue to provide valuable services to the community.


The Hudson Library & Historical Society Endowment Fund provides ongoing financial assistance to the library and its programs. The Endowment Fund is invested to provide prudent growth to ensure long-term support for the library.

You can help the endowment fund by making a gift now or by arranging for future giving. Future giving consists of bequests or for arranging for the library to receive funds through annuities, life insurance or trusts. We would be happy to help with ways to include the library in your will or trust.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library is a non-profit organization devoted to to supporting the Hudson Library & Historical Society by providing volunteer services and making monetary contributions. The Friends run the book sales as a way to generate funds.

Commemorative Gifts

Many people make financial contributions to the library to be used for specific purposes, whether it's for new materials for a particular part of the collection or for a particular part of the building. These donations are often made in memory of someone or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. New materials purchases with these gifts will have a gift plate acknowledging the donation.


The Hudson Library & Historical Society welcomes donations of artifacts, records, and papers on Hudson, Ohio. Your donation helps to preserve the history of Hudson for generations to come! Please consult with a library staff member for help on donating these materials.

Used items such as books, DVDs, and CDs may be donated to the Friends of the Library for sale at the monthly book sales. The funds generated from the book sales are used to provide new materials and resources to the library.

General Donations

General donations are often received from people who enjoy the library and its resources and want to contribute. They often do not have a specific purpose in mind but want to help support the library. The library uses these funds to expand the collection, improve the facilities, and provide additional services.


Volunteers help the library each year in numerous ways. We welcome your involvement and offer a range of volunteer opportunities.


The Hudson Library & Historical Society is grateful for all of the different ways its patrons find to contribute to the library. It's this support that helps the library to continue to grow and expand its services.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Hudson Library & Historical Society.



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