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March 2014

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Camping Trip


Monsters Under Bridges by Rachel Roellke Coddington (JE)

Who knew the bridges of the Pacific Northwest were home to such an eclectic group of monsters?  In this playful and sweetly illustrated almanac-style picture book, each two-page spread is devoted to a particular bridge in the region and the monster who calls it home.  For example, the Sneaky Squetch lives beneath the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon.  He delights in chasing cars and collecting items, such as cell phones, flip flops and bicycles from them—sometimes right out of an unsuspecting passenger’s lap!  Every page in this book is a delight to examine, and the descriptions of the monsters are detailed and funny.  Hopefully there will be additional monster books from other regions in the U.S. by this author in the near future.

Camping Trip

The Short Giraffe by Neil Flory (jE)

When Boba the Baboon tries to take a perfect picture of a herd of giraffes, one thing he hasn’t counted on is that one of them, Geri, is incredibly short for a giraffe. The herd comes up with all kinds of crazy ideas for making Geri taller – stilts, a stack of turtles, filling him with helium – but none of them goes well. Finally a sympathetic caterpillar comes up with a plan that should have been obvious from the start, and it is perfect! Flory’s quiet pastel illustrations belie the zany plot – preschoolers will love the silliness at storytime.


Over and Under the Snowe

Cuckoo! by Fiona Roberton (jE)

Poor Cuckoo. All he wants is for someone to be able to understand him when he says, “Cuckoo!” His siblings only say, “Too-too-weet!” so they aren’t any help. So Cuckoo goes off on a search for someone who can speak his language. After encountering several different animals with their own variety of speaking, Cuckoo finds what he’s looking for in the most unlikely of places. This is a sweet story about finding someone who knows what you are saying. Roberton’s illustrations and interesting text usage create a wealth of details that readers will catch through multiple readings. This is a great book to share together at bedtime or any time.



The Copernicus Legacy by Tony Abbott (J)

When his uncle dies suddenly, Wade travels to Germany to attend the funeral with his dad, Becca, Darrell and Lily. Once there they discover Uncle Herman’s death was no accident, and are pulled into a thrilling and potentially deadly race around the globe to recover twelve hidden artifacts that—if joined together—could spell doom for the planet.  In this first book of the series, The Forbidden Stone, Wade and the group are solving puzzles which have them hopping from Europe to the Far Pacific in search of the first artifact.  Staying a step ahead of the bad guys is just as big a challenge, however.  Will they find the stone in time?  Will the guardians help them or hinder their search?  Who is the mysterious Galina?  The fast-paced and suspenseful plot is a thrilling beginning to a super new series.



Extraordinary Warren, A Super Chicken by Sarah Dillard (J)

Warren is an ordinary chicken who is tired of pecking and peeping. So when he overhears Millard the rat wishing for a special chicken, a chicken supreme, Warren jumps at the chance to be something special. Millard is excited to hear there are more chickens, and invites everyone to a barbecue. But when Warren realizes that having “chickens for dinner” could mean two totally different things, he jumps into action. With graphic novel like panels interspersed with short chapters containing bright pictures, this eye-catching title defies expectations, just like Warren.


Over and Under the Snowe


Tesla’s Attic by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman (Tween)

After a tragic fire destroys his home, Nick along with his dad and brother move into a run-down house they’ve inherited in Colorado Springs to try and start over.  Things start to turn weird for Nick when he decides to have a garage sale.  People are drawn to all the useless junk he’s taken down from his attic and are willing to pay much more than he’s asking.  It’s not until after the garage sale that Nick realizes all that “junk” has special powers from the inventor Nikola Tesla.  Nick is determined to track down all the objects he sold.  Unfortunately a secret society also wants Tesla’s inventions and will use whatever force necessary to retrieve them.  Tesla’s Attic is the first book in the Accelerati Trilogy and is a must read for kids interested in Tesla.  This supernatural mystery filled with suspense and humor will have readers eagerly waiting the next book in the series.


Winter Sky by Patricia Reilly Giff, narrated by Arielle Sitrick (J book-on-CD)

Siria, named after the star Sirius, fears for her firefighter father every time she hears the sirens. So during the night, she sneaks out and chases the trucks, watching over him until she knows he is safe. She worries about the increasing frequency, and dreads there is an arsonist on the loose, starting fires for fun. Clues point to an unlikely suspect, and Siria debates whether to turn him in. Narrator Arielle Sitrick maintains Siria’s innocence but conveys her readiness to grow up and take on responsibilities. Newbery Honor-winning author Patricia Reilly Giff provides a heartwarming tale of community and family bonds amid a cold winter backdrop as fire and ice literally collide.